YOU COME FIRST – Experience the Difference

Book your session today and experience the difference when you feel at home in a studio.  Art is about emotion and when you feel comfortable, you are able to unleash that emotion freely and unfiltered.   At Orpheus Sounds, we offer a host of high quality services to meet all your audio needs in an artist friendly environment.


This is the first step to making your vision a reality.  Whether you are a seasoned vet who knows exactly what you want or you’re just starting out who may need some extra guidance, we’ve got you covered.  Our engineers won’t just record you; they will also step in and vocally produce when called upon.  Call today to set up your next session!


There is an incredible change in the sound of the audio from the recording stage to the mixing stage. The processing, the effects, the EQ, and the compression that’s added in the mixing process make a good song sound great. Want to compete with the pros? Mixing is a must! Call today to take your next hit to the next level!